About Us


SERASIS team is consisting of many engineers, farmers, planters and green house builders that locate on different cities and cultures even all of them have same emotion and excitement by combining the FARM and TECHNOLGY.

We started to work in farm sector since 2013 as creating an e-commerce platform that enables the farmers sell their crop to the customers and retailers directly.

At 2014, we decided to incorporate to farm sector as investors at Alanya. We choiced the Green House method to get our crop and started to build it in 2 years.

Meanwhile, we saw that the farm can be an instrument of investors by enabling it to be reported and managed automatically. So we decided to make our IOT Based Smart Farm Automation.

Nowadays we have a prototpye supporting the features that we dreamed. Now it’s time to impelement an IOT Based Smart Farm “PRODUCT”.

Thank you for sharing our excitement.