SMARTIO BILISIM is a technology hub that matches the future projects with star team mates

Cloud Frontend&Backend Teams

There more than 10 teams building and developing on backend and frontend tecnologies by using Angular, React, Flutter, NodeJS, Java Spring and .NET frameworks .


Our AR/VR Teams develop successful AR/VR Mobile and Headset applications with unity, react native, flutter, ios native and android native technologies.

E-commerce Teams

Our e-Commerce teams work on telecom, ar/vr, textile, food sectors. They make custom or open source based marketplace development for many sectors.

CRM Teams

Some of our teams are focused on domain based projects that are covering customer relationship management features of our clients main domains.

E-LEARNING Platform Teams

Those teams are free of any programming language. They are working on the cross-platform framework specific languages.

IOT Platform Teams

Our IOT teams contain different skilled members according to our other teams. IOT teams are using various programming langugaes according to be closer on machine side of cloud platform side.

Architectural Integration and Transformation Teams on Telecommunication and Finance Sectors

We high skilled experienced software and solution architecture team that enables our clients for safety transformation projects. That is why our development teams are getting much experience on technologies in a short time.

Cryptocurrency & Finance Teams

Our Trading Development teams have experience on finance and trading since 2016 about creating new trading products like subscription based bots, platforms and etc. with innovative technologies.

Contact us for joining any of our team via our applicant form. We will be in touch with you for mapping to the eligible team with the compatible role.


We are a software and consultancy company operating at international standards with its digital products and solutions. As Smartio Bilisim company, our aim is to make our customers stand out in the global competition with technology and service compatible with new internet and technology age.

  • WHY US?

    We have teams that are well-versed in up-to-date technologies that need to be acquired in line with new needs. And the experience of our teams make us create new full skilled teams in a short time with short learning curve cost.


    We have experience on working with distributed teams for over 10 years. So that establishing tema/s for a project is a routine procedure for our company


    We have a lot of clients on all over the world and it's very easy to adapt to any new client on any location of the world.


    We know that a company that wants big should think globally and give importance to its local operations. Therefore, its priority is the development, success and happiness of our teams.


Here are some of our success stories listed below
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IOT Technologies
SERASIST is a smart agriculture platform project based on IOT software and hardware technologies
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ONLINE FOREIGN-LANGUAGE PLATFORM is a cloud platform that meets native speakers with students
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Crypto ADVISOR Platform

Trading & Cryptocurrency
Crypto ADVISOR Platform is containing multi platforms. The first sub platform is for matching traders and advisors in one arena. The other one is matching traders with BOTs and the last one is a tool based platform to enable traders have ability for autonomous trading
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AR Cloud Platform

AR/VR Technologies
It’s a platform that make meets all actors in metaverse enviroment under multiple platforms
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TelecommunIcatIon CRM TranformatIon Projects

Corporate Project
Our teams have a lot of success projects on crm based telecommunication projects
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TIPSTER Platform

Cloud Subscription Based Tipster
This project was one of firsts subscription based tipster platform in Turkey

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